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Aligned Consulting will help you make forward progress in a thoughtful, holistic way.  We take the time to align your strategy and your people practices towards your true north. We won’t encourage you to cobble together a patchwork of band-aid approaches that ultimately turn out to be costly.  Progress happens so much faster when everyone knows where they are going and can row in the same direction. When your organization is aligned, traction happens, decisions are easier, people are happier because they can see how their contributions bolster your organization’s success.


When you work with us, you’ll see our values at work: 


We bring our true, full selves to our work, and we want the same for your employees.  We look forward to getting to know you and what makes you and your organization tick.  We believe that every employee has a unique set of skills, motivations, and perspectives that energizes them.  We believe that by valuing each individual’s authenticity, you will have strong, inclusive teams and dedicated employees. 

We’ll work with you in an authentic way.  We won’t overpromise, and if we don’t believe we’re a good fit for what you need, we’ll let you know. 


We never want to stop learning.  We value the little things we can learn from day to day and put them into practice, to see significant improvements over time.  We value learning from mistakes and taking the time to reflect and capture learnings.  We integrate curiosity and learning into all that we do.


Many consultants give advice and go.  They’re not around to see what’s working or what’s not.  They’re long gone when you need support.  We’re different. 


Implementation is part of our strength.  We want you to succeed, and we love to be there to see the successes that will come your way.

Cindy has worked both internally and externally to help Fortune 500 Companies and prestigious global consulting firms to align their people to their strategy for optimal results.  

Cindy is passionate about making organizations better through developing their people and implementing HR projects that support the business and its workforce.  Her industry experience spans from financial and professional services to local governments, non-profits, healthcare, and gaming publishing.  




Here's what people say about working with Cindy...

Cindy was extremely easy to work with.  Her communication and organizational skills are exceptional.  She reported on progress clearly and consistently which gave everyone confidence that the project was being completed timely and with accuracy.  She was exceptional at keeping tasks moving and pressing when items fell behind schedule. Because of her background in instructional design, she was even able to provide input on the content review process.

If we ever have a need in the future, Cindy will be the first person I reach out to!  She was a godsend.

Kelly E.

Learning Leader

Organizations We've Served

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