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No organizational initiative can be successful without a clear, thoughtful communication strategy and execution that will move your plans into reality. Utilizing thoughtful change management plans and crisp, concise communications, you will align your people to your message.

What's Piquing Our Interest

Connect is written by two Stanford professors based on heir now world-famous MBA course on building exceptional relationships. We love the examples and tips they provide.

Complimentary Tool

Use our 5-step Aligned Communication Model to analyze and improve your communication skills from message initiation through commitment.

Communication Plan Creation

We can help you take a holistic look at your messaging to map out how to get the right people the right messages at the right time and in the best format for optimal impact. Your comms plan will also be a valuable tool for your leadership team keeping them aligned with the messages, timing and approach.

Creating Executive Communications

We can help you craft clear and concise messages and on-point presentations to inform your workforce and create buy-in and action.

Defining Employee Communication

We can help you determine whether your people are getting enough of the right information and determine the best holistic approach to keeping your workforce informed and engaged with your strategic priorities.

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