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ALIGN YOUR _____________


Align your LEADERS

Your organization is only as strong as your leadership team. We will work with you to create the optimal leadership development program or fill in necessary gaps within your existing programs.

What's Piquing Our Interest

This excellent article from James Clear aligns with our key value of continual improvement, illustrating the massive differences that small incremental changes can make both in terms of personal and organizational growth.

Complimentary Tool

Being able to receive and integrate feedback is critical for professional development, but doing it well doesn’t always come naturally. We have seven tips to make it easier.  Getting the Most from Feedback will help you to understand and absorb feedback so you can make it work for you.

Blended Learning Programs

Developing leaders is our specialty. Our learning programs combine live facilitation (in-person or virtual) with self-directed online learning and supplemental materials. Learning is not a check-the-box activity. Learners need to be exposed to new information in multiple ways. And, to successfully apply new skills, learners need practice via on-the-job application and feedback. We provide the full package.

Our programs are engaging, learner-centered, and provide opportunities for peer learning as well.


Our most popular topics include:

  • Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Leader

  • Setting Expectations and Delegating

  • Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Managing Change 

  • Providing and Receiving Feedback

  • Managing Up

  • Coaching and Developing Employees

  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Leader-Led Learning

There is no better way for your workforce to learn than from the leaders they admire within your organization, as long as those leaders are prepared with great content and flawless facilitation skills. We can train your trainers to be successful in the ‘classroom’, or facilitating rich conversations in
virtual environments.

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