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ALIGN YOUR ____________________


Align your PEOPLE

We’ll help you design your HR programs and get them over the finish line by keeping projects moving forward, on track, and with a quality outcome that aligns with your desired outcomes.

What's Piquing Our Interest

This thought-provoking TEDX talk titled 'Why you should not bring your authentic self to work' provides a valuable perspective relevant to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts in the workplace.

Complimentary Tool

Our editable suite of Project Management Templates includes all of the basic trackers needed to set up and manage any of your HR projects effectively.  It includes templates for scope, project management, communications and more.

Learning & Development

A learning organization is a growing organization. And it’s not all about formal in-classroom or structured online classes. There is also learning to be captured every day and put into action to
continually improve. We’ll help you harness it from program design through rollout. See “Align Your Leaders” for more information.

Diversity & Inclusion

Do all individuals in your organization feel valued and heard? Do they feel comfortable bringing their unique backgrounds and experiences to work? To be successful, your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts need to tie to your culture and organizational values. We can help bring these efforts to life.

Talent Management

Make sure you have the right people in the right places to take your organization seamlessly into the future. Identify your flight risks and retain your key talent, develop your bench strength, and create a living, actionable succession plan. Your talent management plan needs to be as nimble as your business.

Performance Management

Rid yourself of the dreaded annual performance review and rating. Reward behaviors aligned to your strategy and objectives. Motivate and engage your workforce through year-round feedback and development. We will help you with your performance management redesign and implementation.

HR Systems Rollouts

Whether it’s a learning management system (LMS), a new performance management system, or other HR vendor, you need a well-thought-out implementation and integration plan and strong project management. We’ll be there to help you.

New Hire & New Manager Onboarding

Align the new hire/new promote experience to your brand. Help
new employees and managers align to your culture and hit the ground running with a clear, organized process, and engaging learning experiences to help them feel valued and understand how their efforts will contribute to your organization’s success.

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