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ALIGN YOUR _____________


Align your STRATEGY

It all starts here. Having a clear, aligned strategy sets your direction and ignites enthusiasm in your workforce. Your strategy and goals will guide our work together.

What's Piquing Our Interest

The new book Better, Simpler Strategy, written by a Harvard Business School professor, lays out the Value Stick, a tool that helps executives focus on what's most important as they design or update their strategic thinking plans. We love keeping it simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. Simple is what sticks.

Complimentary Tool

Our Change Readiness Assessment will help you avoid pitfalls by pinpointing areas that will need special attention as you launch any organizational change initiative.

Strategic Planning

Utilizing a process of reviewing internal data and external trends, we can help you create the strategy roadmap for achieving your objectives.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Most organizations have them, but far fewer organizations live them. We can help you create, refine, or refresh your guiding principles in a way that fosters the culture you are trying to grow. And we’ll help you do it in an inclusive and fun way that will accelerate adoption.

Organization Design

Is your organization structured in the best way for you to accomplish your objectives? We can help you examine your structure to ensure it’s efficient and supports clear direction, communication, and alignment.

Change Management

When change happens, as it always will, we’ll equip you with a change-management plan that supports your people through the transition and helps them land at a place of commitment.

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